The Grain Boundary Data Archive

The purpose of this site is to archive Grain Boundary Character Distribution and Energy Data, including available raw and processed data, and the programs used for analysis. For more background information, read about the GBDA.


The Materials Science & Engineering Department of Carnegie Mellon University will host a workshop on 3D Microstructures Aug. 19-21, 2019. For details, see:

Workshop on Methods for Three-Dimensional Microstructure Studies


For the 3D data sets, I recommend using Dream.3D (here) for the analysis.

Krzysztof Glowinski's Grain Boundary Toolbox (GBToolbox) is also recommended for analyzing grain boundary symmetry and character and for calculating and plotting quantities from 3D data. MAC, Linux, Windows.

Krzysztof Glowinski's Mathematica scripts for plotting grain boundary distributions. Scripts.

A catalog of the FORTRAN programs used for 2D and 3D computations can be found here.


Each of the links below goes to a page with Materials Specific Grain Boundary Data.

Al: Aluminum alloy 1050

Al2O3: Alumina, 450 ppm Y-doped

Al2O3: Alumina, 450 ppm La-doped

Al2O3: Alumina, 450 ppm Y/La-codoped

Bi0.5Na0.4K0.1TiO3 (3D)

Cu: Copper, commercially pure, in reference and grain boundary engineered states

Fe: Austenite, FCC Fe, TWIP steel with composition 0.6 C - 18 Mn - 1.5 Al balance Fe (wt.%) (3D)

Fe: Ferrite, BCC Fe, with composition 0.04 C - 1.52 Mn - 0.2 Si - 0.22 Mo - 0.08 Ti - 0.033 Al balance Fe (wt.%) (3D)

Fe: Interstitial Free Steel, BCC Fe, with composition 0.003 C - 0.13 Mn - 0.08 Ti - 0.03 Al - 0.004 N balance Fe (wt.%)

MgO (3D)

MgAl2O4: Spinel

Ni: Nickel, commercially pure, in reference and grain boundary engineered states

Ni: Nickel High Purity (3D)

Si: Cast PV polycrystalline Si

SrTiO3: Strontium Titanate (3D)

Ti: Titanium, commercially pure, alpha-phase (3D)

Ti: Titanium Alloy, 6% Al, 4% V

TiO2: Rutile and TiO2: Nb-doped-rutile

W: Tungsten

WC: Tungsten Carbide

Y2O3: Yttria (3D)

Y2O3: Ca-doped-yttria

YSZ: yttria-stabilized zirconia: (Zr,Y)O2 (3D)

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